Thursday, 11 April 2013

Release Day Blitz: Screaming Spires by Georgiana Derwent

Screaming Spires
by Georgiana Derwent
The Cavaliers Book II
Release Date April 12
Paranormal Romance

A Tale of the Posh, the Privileged and the Paranormal

In her first year at Oxford University, Harriet French became inextricably tied to the Cavaliers, the university’s most elite society. Though its members are universally wealthy, charming and handsome, they have a darker side – they are deadly vampires who have been secretly running the country for the last four hundred years.

Now Harriet’s back at Oxford for her second year. Armed with a vampire boyfriend, some great friends, and the truth, she’s expecting an easier time. She’s wrong. Her best friend is now a vampire and the Cavalier who turned her to save her life is facing death for the one good deed he’s ever done. Just when it seems that things can’t get any worse, the Cavaliers’ ancient enemies decide to strike at the heart of the society and they’ve got Harriet in their sights.

About the Author:

Georgiana Derwent is the author of the Cavaliers Trilogy: Oxford Blood, Screaming Spires and a third, as yet unnamed novel.

Georgiana Derwent studied at Oxford University (as you might have guessed). Aside from the vampires, The Cavaliers is an exaggerated but fairly accurate portrayal of her time there. She now works in London and lives with her fiancĂ©. He’s been very supportive throughout the writing of her books, mainly because he likes to claim that all the most attractive characters are based on him.

Georgiana fell in love with vampire novels after reading the Vampire Diaries back in 2000. At the time it was a struggle to find any similar paranormal romances, a situation that it’s fair to say seems to have been rectified in the last few years.

Ever since her teens, she wanted to write a vampire series. Ever since going to Oxford she wanted to write a book about her experiences there. During a dull few months between finishing university and starting her graduate job, she had the idea of combining the two and The Cavaliers was born.


  1. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for taking part in my release day blitz. It's really appreciated.

    For anyone who hasn't read the first book in the series, Oxford Blood, I'd also like to point out that it's free on Amazon until Monday.

    Thanks again, Georgiana