Friday 5 October 2012

Cover Reveal: Shadows of the Rose by Annette Gisby

Coming Soon
Shadows of the Rose: Anniversary Edition
by Annette Gisby
Short Story and Novella Collection
Cover art by Claudia McKinney -


Shadows of the Rose is a varied collection of short stories, but most have one thing in common, an ending with a twist. They take place in various times, various places, from medieval witch trials, to the far reaches of space and future.

The Witch Hunter - a young girl is accused of sorcery and the witch hunter sent to condemn her is not as he seems...

Baby Blues - set in a future where family planning is controlled by the state and it is illegal to make love...

Free Falling - some friendly aliens have found the cure for most of human diseases, except for one--the one you have...

The Glass Guitar - Meg thinks a haunted guitar might be just the present for her musician boyfriend's birthday...

Shadows of the Rose - a lover's tryst in a ruined abbey, but there is something not quite right - what's that there, hidden beneath the shadows of the rose?

The anniversary edition will also have my two recent stories, The Prince's Guard and Of Pets and Pleasures, which have never been together in this collection before, but they are available separately as ebooks.

Author's Note:

I can hardly believe that it's been ten years since my first ebook was out. An ebook back in the day when there were no iPads and Kindles or Nooks weren't even a glint in somone's eye. I thought it was high time for a revamp, so the book will have a new cover the new stories too.

It will be available as an ebook and for those of you who prefer the printed page, in dead tree format as well. Not sure of the exact release date yet, I'm still doing edits on it.

Take care,
Annette Gisby.

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