Sunday 4 November 2012

Book Spotlight: Not Afraid to be Real by Maranda Russell

Not Afraid to Be Real
by Maranda Russell
Young Adult, Poetry


More than just a poetry collection, "Not Afraid to Be Real" is a raw, honest, down-to-earth look at what it is like to be human. Within these pages you will find poems representing a wide variety of subjects, including the ups and downs of romantic love, the everyday frustrations we all face and the overwhelming grief felt by those who have lost a loved one. Of course, there are some lighter, more humorous poems to lighten the mood as well, so go ahead and dive in!

A selection from the book
All Poems copyright Maranda Russell

The Art of Love

Deep red is for passion
and dark blue is for trust.
Love, like art
doesn’t have to be complicated
to be good.

Sometimes simple designs
make the best backgrounds.

If the focus is lost
the canvas becomes chaotic,
the colors run
and soon the masterpiece
turns into an eyesore.


Your hand in mine,
gripping, holding, whispering
“please don’t let go.”
You need to know
that I’ll still be there
when the rest of the world
loses its grip.

But the pathway is dark,
and I stumble, almost
breaking our vital connection.
Your hold tightens,
the force of your fingers -
all that’s keeping us together.

I thought I was the comfort,
here to hold your place,
but time has shown my weakness
and you’ve become the anchor.

Watching the Special Olympics

I didn’t even know
they held a
contest for that.

I watch as an athlete
tosses the ball,
the eight pound
weight hitting
the lane with
a thud. He turns
around and
flashes a big
smile as the ball
rolls straight
towards the gutter.

Does he show any
sign of disappointment?
Any sense of loss?
Not if the big belly
laugh and the clumsy
high-fives are any

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