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Book Spotlight: Port in a Storm by Douglas Black

Port in a Storm
by Douglas Black
M/M Romance/Erotica/Coming of Age


Alex’s life is stagnating. At twenty-two, he has a first-class degree, but only a minimum wage job to show for it. His mother is determined he should pursue a career in Law, but Alex has never wanted that. He always wanted something else, something different, something more. He just doesn’t know exactly what.

With his parents piling on the pressure to join the family firm, time is running out for Alex. Every passing day brings him closer to accepting the future they chose for him. He’s trapped and he can’t find a way out. He has no one to turn to and nowhere to run. Until he meets Jake.

Jake might just be the most handsome man Alex has ever seen, but he also epitomizes the one thing Alex wants more than anything; freedom. Jake has never allowed himself to be tied down. He is a free-spirit. A traveller. An enigma.

Alex is falling for him fast, but being with Jake is pulling Alex away from his family. Relationships are reaching breaking point, and no matter how much Alex tries not to rock the boat, a storm is on the horizon.

Alex is going to have to make a decision. He needs to make a choice between what is expected of him and what he really wants. Growing up is never easy though, and Alex quickly discovers that, sometimes, the hardest questions to answer, are the ones you already know the answers to.

Read an adult rated extract of the book after the jump:

Port in a Storm
Copryight by Douglas Black

Alex fell asleep easily in an unfamiliar bed, wrapped tightly in the arms of a stranger, but when he woke up, he was alone. Groggy and disorientated, Alex launched himself upright in bed and looked about the room in a panic, but the duffel bag was still on the floor, and Jake was sitting cross-legged beside it. Naked. A wave of relief washed over Alex, followed by arousal. It wouldn’t have been the first time a guy had fucked him and walked, but Alex thought he would have been hurt if Jake had done it. He had no idea why. Maybe he just wanted that big cock inside of him again.

Jake looked up at him and smiled, before returning to what he was doing. A silver thermos and a strange little brown pot sat before him, along with what looked like a green, paper bag of flour. Jake held a thin, metal straw in his hand which he sat down beside the pot before picking up the bag of flour. He tipped a large serving of the bag’s contents into the brown pot, and then rolled the pot in his hands. In the LED half-light Alex couldn’t tell what this action had achieved, but Jake seemed satisfied with the result. He put the green bag back in his duffel bag and poured a little water from the thermos in to the pot. Then he looked up, first at Alex and then at a small white kettle sitting on the cupboard at the bottom of the bed. A little orange light glowed at the base of the kettle, but otherwise it was silent.

“I thought I would make us some tea. Don’t know about you, but if I don’t get some caffeine in my system I’ll end up sleeping straight through to tomorrow.” Jake lowered his eyes slowly down Alex’s body and back up again to his eyes. Alex’s cock began to fill under that gaze. “And I’d much rather fuck you through to tomorrow instead…”

Alex felt heat flush across his cheeks. In a bid to hide both his embarrassment and his arousal, he tested out his voice.

“I’m surprised these things come with kettles.” It wasn’t exactly a profound observation, but it served its purpose. Jake looked at the kettle as though it had offended him.

“Yeh, me too. It’s not very fast though. Maybe it’s one of those special kettles that keep tap water at room temperature?”

“You shouldn’t be so impatient.”

“I suppose you’re right. I guess I should just sit back and enjoy the view.”

That sexy grin was firmly back in place as Jake leaned back against the wall. He ran his hands across his thighs and Alex followed them before he became distracted by Jake’s cock. Even flaccid, it was an impressive size and Alex repositioned the sheet as he remembered the weight and taste of Jake in his mouth.

“It’s rude to stare, Alex, and it’s very distracting.”

Alex dropped his eyes, but he couldn’t look away from Jake for very long. He scooted to the edge of the bed so he was facing him, and pulled the sheet back into place to hide his erection. His body wanted those hands once more, but he didn’t want to interrupt what Jake was doing, whatever Jake was doing. When he looked back at him, what Jake was doing was staring at him. Alex swallowed a gloating smile, and pushed the sheets away, spreading his legs at the edge of the bed, presenting his hard cock to Jake. Jake threw a quick glance at the still silent kettle and seemed to shrug. He crawled towards the bed and pulled Alex’s legs even further apart. Alex groaned under the grip of those strong fingers.

“You are very distracting, Alex.” Jake knelt before him, reaching out to stroke Alex’s cock with one hand while rubbing his leg with the other. “All I’m trying to do is make you a cup of tea and you go and look at me like that. You’re too much for me to resist, Alex.”

Jake cupped Alex’s balls, rolling them gently in his palm, as he rubbed the thumb of his right hand across the head of Alex’s cock. Alex buried his hands in Jake’s hair and bit his lip as those long, strong fingers blistered across his skin. He looked at Jake’s soft, plump, parted lips and he wanted, more than anything, to see them wrapped around his cock.

Jake moved in close between his legs, and slowly pumped his fist up and down Alex’s length. The friction of Jake’s strong grip on his tight skin pulled Alex close to the edge faster than Alex anticipated. He wasn’t in control of his body. Jake milked a thick bead of precum from Alex’s cock, and just when Alex thought he was going to come in Jake’s hand from just that steady, lazy pumping, Jake’s mouth was on his cock.

Alex’s eyes flew open. Jake’s eyes were closed, the head of Alex’s cock hidden behind those plump, pink lips. Jake’s tongue swirled around the head of Alex’s cock. Then, Jake started sucking, pulling Alex deep into a tight, warm, wet vacuum, and Alex’s eyes closed too.

He was aware of his fingers gripping tight in that long, brown hair, but he was powerless to ease his grasp. He had to hold onto something, anything. All of the nerves in his body seemed to be concentrated in his dick. He could think of nothing, but the way Jake moved his tongue and lips on him. The little noises Jake made deep in his throat went straight to Alex’s balls and they were tightening. He knew he was close to coming, but he couldn’t communicate that to Jake; words didn’t exist to him anymore; noises were all he had left. Deep, guttural noises as he tried to process the sensations on his dick that were rocking him towards orgasm.

Jake’s eyes were open now, watching Alex as he took his cock deep into his mouth, into his throat. Alex couldn’t keep his eyes open long enough to see anything more than hollow cheeks and black eyes. He felt Jake’s strong hands on his thighs and dropped his own from Jake’s hair to his shoulders.

Alex’s orgasm hit him like a freight train; a wall of pleasure so intense it knocked his senses into orbit and he was aware of nothing, but his dick pumping in Jake’s tight mouth.

Jake sucked Alex gently through his orgasm, until even that touch became too tender and Alex pulled away. He was off-balance. His hands were still gripping Jake’s shoulders, and Jake pulled him down from the bed, moving backwards so he could rest up against the wall with Alex in his arms. Alex lay still with those strong arms around him, listening to Jake breathing and the water in the kettle cool down from the boil.

It was Jake who moved first, moving Alex out of the way so he could fetch the kettle. He took a seat again beside Alex, their thighs touching, and put the kettle in front of them.


Alex wasn’t sure he could remember his own name, but he nodded. Jake placed the metal straw into the pot, and filled it with the hot water from the kettle. Apparently satisfied, he leaned back and watched the pot intently. Alex was baffled. His brain wasn’t managing to keep up with what was happening. He was fucked out; half-asleep, sitting on the cold floor of an airport sleeping POD watching a naked man pour hot water over what he saw now was combination of dark green powder, flakes and twigs.

“Where’s the tea?”

Jake nodded at the small pot.

Alex leaned forward and surveyed the pot. His tentative exploration revealed a slightly bitter smell and liquid murkier than pond water.

“Again. Where’s the tea?”

Jake laughed, that deep throaty laugh, and picked up the metal straw, plunging the thicker end into the small pot. He sucked on the straw, and then topped up the water and passed the contraption to Alex. Alex looked up him, unconvinced.

“I conceded that it isn’t a cup of Yorkshire’s finest, but I don’t have any milk. It will give you more energy, though.” Jake leaned in and brushed a kiss against Alex’s jawline. “And you’re going to need more energy.”

Alex took the straw between his lips and sucked. The taste wasn’t particularly unpleasant, smoky and slightly bitter. It was a lot better than the sorry excuse for green tea they sold at The Coffee Stop. The little straw seemed to filter out most of the plant debris, leaving just the infused hot water. When he passed it back to Jake there was a warmth in his belly which wasn’t unpleasant. It wasn’t the instant hit of an espresso, but he fancied he could feel the tea getting to work. When he took his second drink he was sure of it; a slow spread of energy through his body, a reawakening.

“I think I’ve seen this before, on TV. It’s Argentinian?”

Jake smiled. “South American, yeh. It’s popular in a lot of places. This stuff, I think, is cultivated in Brazil.”

“Something you picked up on your travels?”

Jake nodded, but didn’t offer any further explanation. He rocked the little pot in his hands, the sludge slipping and sliding the only noise audible over their breathing. Alex turned his attention back to the bed.

“What time is it?”

Jake was quiet for so long Alex thought he was ignoring him. “Just after two. Do you need to leave?”

“Nope. I have two days off.”

Jake nodded, but stayed silent.

“This isn’t how I thought I would be spending this afternoon.”

Alex fell silent too. It was surreal. The time-warp room, the weird lighting, the strange tea and the beautiful, decorated man; so foreign, so different from himself, who nonetheless wanted to spend an afternoon, a day, fucking him. It was like no day Alex had ever experienced before. He got to his feet and pulled Jake with him, taking him back to bed. His friends called him a pessimist, but Alex had learned from experience that the more he analysed the good things, the more likely they were to disappear.

END of extract

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