Thursday, 15 November 2012

Book Spotlight: We Call Thee by Jerome Brook

We Call Thee
by Jerome Brook


A circle of skyclad women meet on a deserted beach. In the chill of the night they circle a fire, chanting. They call on the power of the Goddess of the Moon. They embrace a man who they honor in their coven. They warm him momentarily with their naked forms. The time is the present.

Morgana leads the coven of Wise Women - with her brother Clay at her side. Clay is a medium who sees the past and hears the voice of those who have passed to the next world. However, Estelle becomes his lover. She comes to displace Morgana and draw Clay away from the dark power of Morgana (and the erotic rites of the Sisterhood).

Estelle visits Pompeii with Clay. There he slips into the past and hears the words of those lost when the city was destroyed. On their return Clay also senses danger for Estelle from the forces of evil.


Pompeii is in a sense a "star gate," an opening to another time and realm. People can experience another reality there. Other "points of power" are Stonehenge, Lourdes, Cahokia and the little known lost Kingdom of Nan.

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