Thursday 17 January 2013

Book Review: Pirates of the Poesasian by Chris Turner

Pirates of the Poesasian
by Chris Turner
3.5 Stars


Hero? Anti-hero? Hard to say in this controversial tale. A cocksure rogue outlawed from his home fishing village, falls into the hands of ruthless pirates who would spill their friends’ blood over a cup of arrack. They scour the Poesasian coast looking for fresh plunder, possibly recruits to their foul band. The trickster must use every ounce of ingenuity to survive amidst these brigands, and along the way he gains allies—sorry rogues like himself—who in the course of finding their own path, help save his skin and unwittingly fight hand-in-hand in one of the fiercest ship-to-ship battles the Poesasian has ever seen!


This book was difficult for me to get into. While well-written with interesting characters and a sound plot, the style of writing did not appeal to me. The language was a bit too flowery, the prose a bit too purple for my taste. I much prefer simpler, plainer language. This book would have seemed quite at home in an English Literature class to be studied and dissected, but as something to read for enjoyment's sake, it fell flat for me. This is just a personal opinion, lots of people do enjoy that style of writing.

There is adventure on the high seas, murder, magic and mayhem. The world building is good, from the squalor of seaside inns to life aboard ship amongst the pirates. Baus becomes more of a likeable character the further into the book we go, at first I wasn't too sure about him.

Give it a go if you enjoy a good adventure tale with pirates and rogues galore.

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