Saturday 23 March 2013

Book Spotlight: Be Positive! Think Positive! Feel Positive! Surviving Primary School Vol. 2

Be Positive! Think Positive! Feel Positive! Surviving Primary School Vol. 2
by Dr. Orly Katz
Non-Fiction/Child Development


How often did you say to yourself in Primary School:

• There’s no point studying, I won’t pass my exams anyway…

• Why is it always me everyone picks on?

• I’m fed up with being such a loser…

There is one thing that is more important than anything else in helping you survive primary school.

It will help you be popular, it will help you attract all the things you want, and keep away from the things you don’t want:

The secret is positive thinking!

If you think that good things will happen, believe in yourself and behave as if you are confident in things going well, then you will attract those things you want.

The opposite is true too. If you think something bad will happen, have no confidence in yourself, and behave that way, then sure enough things you don’t want may well happen.

Imagine that you’ve discovered a secret key “The Key to the power of thought” that will help you unlock the secrets to:

• Controlling your thoughts in the same way that you control the other muscles in your body, so instead of being negative they are all positive!

• Changing from being a pessimist into being an optimist simply by changing the way you speak…

• Get over your inferiority complexes.

• Most importantly – understanding that everything you think and feel is reflected in the image you project to others and in your own self confidence. All these inner feelings are projected to the outside world. Other people receive these silent messages coming from you and change their behavior towards you accordingly. In the end you attract into your life those things you were thinking, both good and bad!

This book, the second in the popular series, (the books can be read in any sequence) includes true life stories about growing up with tips, helpful rules, simple to do exercises and fun ‘test yourself’ questionnaires and a personal journal all of which will help you discover how to be positive, think positive and feel positive and most importantly how to be “simply me” and to survive primary school!

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