Friday 31 May 2013

Book Spotlight: Shadow of Light by David David Kernan

Shadow of Light
by David David Kernan
DDK Books

Have you ever wondered where you go at the height of sex?

Shadow of Light, a passionate debut novel by David David Kernan, a journey of mind, body and soul, answers that very question.

It is 1993, Los Angeles, and David, a newly divorced makeup artist, finds himself at a coffee house contemplating an espresso and a flirtatious waitress, when a beautiful man, Daniel, asks to join him. But Daniel is not what he seems.

Even after David finds out who Daniel really is, he is unable to deny or suppress his surprising, even innate attraction to the other man, and embarks on the most emotionally charged and spiritual journey of his life, maybe his whole existence.

Within the throes of passion David is made to realize the extent and purity of another facet of existence, a realm wholly attainable by every human on the planet, but purposely suppressed by dogma the world over.

While religion, politics, science and philosophy play integral roles throughout Shadow of Light, it is Shadow’s intimate relationship between two men, in all its thought-provoking tenderness and mystery, its sublime realizations of heart-felt truths that bring home its entirely progressive point: that within those precious seconds of rapture the human soul is connected to another place, in fact another dimension, and completely free of the rigors of mortality; in other words, completely free of everything associated with the physical.

Where organized religion is concerned, Shadow of Light is not kind, and denounces religion’s overbearing redefinition of God while deposing its reign over morality, more precisely religion’s monopoly on the morality of sexual relations, and reveals a long-held secret that has from the beginning purposefully kept mankind from reaching his inherent spiritual potential.

“Anyone who has ever experienced an orgasm,” says Kernan, “which pretty much means every adult on the planet, knows exactly what I’m on about. There is no refuting it: the complete and utter abandon—and even those words, as expansive and infinite as they imbue, don’t do the experience justice. At the same time this ability hasn’t ever been given meaning over and above what it is to the individual; but there is more going on than our current leagues of scientists will publicly admit to. Daniel revealed this... and much more."

About David David Kernan

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mr. Kernan was once a makeup artist in the entertainment industry. He is now a writer with one previously published work, Angel Claire: An autobiographical work of poetry, commentary and pen & ink (DDKBooks, Los Angeles 2000). Mr. Kernan devotes his time to writing and family.

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