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Book Spotlight: Fire and Shadow by Susan J. McLeod

Fire And Shadow
Lily Evans Mystery Series
Book 2
Susan J McLeod
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Publisher: Imajin Books
Date of Publication: October 10, 2012
Number of pages: 152
Cover Artist: Ryan Doan
Book Trailer:
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Book Description:

“When the dead need to speak, she must listen…"

Artist and Egyptologist Lily Evans struggles with her newly discovered psychic talents, while trying to get her life back to normal now that her mother is in a mental institution and the man Lily loves is far away in England. But "normal" is the last thing she finds.

When her best friend Katy takes her to a Celtic Faire, Lily meets a druid fortune-teller, who warns her that she can “never escape the Other.” Frightened and angry, Lily ignores his dire warning and stumbles across an eerie old portrait of a beautiful woman, who has something to tell her.

With the help of the enigmatic druid and his gifted friends, Lily embarks on a dangerous journey to unravel the mysteries of the portrait, the tarot card reader, an ancient book and whispers of witchcraft. She must discover the truth behind them all…or risk losing her very soul.


The drive home was mostly silent while I struggled with the emotions raging through me. There was no doubt about it, Caliman's reading had been eerily accurate. He'd known of my psychic experiences and my efforts to try to forget them. For months now, I'd been telling myself that the visions of someone else's past life had somehow been the product of emotional stress. I was encouraged in this belief by my ex-fiancé Stephen and the psychiatrist he had recommended.

Dr. Carson's pills and calm, rational treatment had almost lulled me into seeing his point of view. Since Dame Ursula Allingham― the eccentric archaeologist who had started it all― was back in England, the paranormal was completely out of my life. And so was her grandson, Kent Ashton, the man I loved so much…

"Oh my God!" Katy's shriek and the squealing of brakes jerked me out of my thoughts. The car swerved off into the middle of the road, which was luckily free of any other traffic. Stunned, I looked around, wondering what had caused such a panic. I glimpsed some kind of large animal bounding off into the trees. "What was that? A deer?"

Katy pulled off to the side, switched on the hazards and sat there, shaking. It was a moment before she could speak. "I-I'm not sure. It could've been a dog, but it seemed… wild, like a wolf."

"There aren't any wolves around here. They live closer to the mountains, downstate. Maybe it was a husky. I hope it's not lost."

Katy let out a slow breath. "I think I lost ten years off my life. It ran right in front of us. Whew! That was close."

"Well, it's a good thing you were paying attention. Nice reflexes there." I unfastened my seatbelt. "I'll drive the rest of the way. You deserve a chance to relax."

Katy hesitated. "Okay, if you're sure. I feel like a bowl of Jell-O." She got out of the car and we exchanged places. "It's really weird though. That thing— whatever it was— was huge. And its eyes? I could have sworn they were glowing."


About the Author:

Susan Jane McLeod has been writing since she was seven years old. At age eleven she won a county-wide essay contest and her professional career was launched. By the time she was nineteen, her poetry had appeared in several magazines, including American Girl and Seventeen. She also won an honorable mention in The Writer.  

She grew up in Rochester, New York, with three sisters and one brother. In her early thirties she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and given a 50-50 chance to live. After two surgeries and chemotherapy, she is cancer free today.

She has worked at several jobs ranging from a baby store to a research consultant, but her favorite was managing a bookstore, surrounded by her passion: literature. She is currently employed by a non-profit foundation that runs Zara’s Center, a home for AIDS-impacted orphans in Zimbabwe.

Susan has published several short stories and two novels. The first, Soul and Shadow, is an award-winning paranormal historical romance. The second, Fire and Shadow, is classified as paranormal suspense. Both books have been in Amazon Top 100 bestseller categories. : Facebook Author Page

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