Saturday 26 October 2013

Free Book Spotlight: Serissa by M. Cundy

Serissa Book 1 Serissa Series
by M. Cundy
Amazon (free this weekend)

Singing beautifully is more than a defining talent, its Serissa Moore’s destiny, but fame comes with a high price and a responsibility- a price that means questioning everything about life, and a responsibility no human is capable of.

Seventeen-year-old Serissa leaves home after graduation to follow around a new band with her friends. Only she already knows the lead singer, Gabe Livingston, who requests her to sing a duet. Scared of performing, and unsure about trusting the guy who once threw pebbles at her on the playground, she knows she should walk away. But in exchange for one song he promises to explain how she was the only one who saw him glowing during the first show of the tour, and why the polished stone he gifts her soon after transports her into a world she knows too well for having never visited.

Insistent on answers for accumulating odd events, Gabe explains her voice has a unique ability and her musical commitment involves her life, not one song. She also learns her recently acquired boyfriend isn’t who he says he is. Over the summer Serissa will have to overcome stage fright, elude her crazy soon-to-be ex, and hopefully, after figuring out where she is really from, have time to change everything about life as we know it.

"If you like to feel the emotions of each character and are left with much food for thought after reaching the last page then this is your next "Must Read"!" — 5* Amazon Review

"Her triumphs and her heartbreaks will make you keep rooting for her and the twists and turns the book takes will keep you guessing up until the end." ­­­­­­—

The book will be free Oct 25-27!

About the Author:

Born and raised in the Midwest, M. Cundy spent most of her life writing before it became a passion. After attending a performance art high school majoring in vocal music, and later training in private, it came time to combine writing with her first love. Her first book Serissa was quickly born. Not quite four years later Serissa was made available to the public after much encouragement from her readers. The journey continues from here.

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