Sunday, 24 November 2013

Book Spotlight: Rising Storm Ian Kane

Rising Storm
Fading Empires Vol 1
by Ian Kane
Book Trailer:

Established empires are fading and altered realities embrace a sinister future. Fading Empires is a time and place where unlikely heroes, scheming villains, monstrous entities, and ruthless super-gangs clash for dominance.

Rising Storm:  Fading Empires Volume I is the first of twelve epic Sci-Fi novels that take place in the near future. Earths major remaining governments have fallen and voracious new megacorporations have taken over, overseeing all within their closed systems. Meanwhile, super-gangs fight over what's left of the ravaged urban areas underneath the corporate zones, and monstrous life forms rampage through the forgotten outer areas.

However, small pockets of resistance form, such as the one led by ex-black ops warrior Leonard Kilbane. The grizzled leader struggles to keep his motley crew of mercenaries together, but are the formidable forces arrayed against his team and others in revolt too much to withstand?

Fading Empires explores a frightening near-future world that could very well happen. This series touches on very timely issues that are directly relevant to readers, and this realism will draw them further into a possible future. Fading Empires will enable readers to escape into another world, and come along on a roller-coaster ride of epic proportions. My passion is to write about characters who turn trials into triumphs, and I want readers to not only be entertained and inspired, but to also instill within them a feeling of hope. I believe that your readers would find a review of my novel highly interesting.

Rising Storm:  Fading Empires Volume I was newly published on October 31st, 2013 by Assent Publishing's Farther Books Imprint.

Ian Kane        

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