Saturday 23 November 2013

The Reunion Promo Blitz by A.A. Pencil

The Reunion - PROMO Blitz
By A.A. Pencil
Date Published: 11/12/2013

C. Moore Catholic High School's 10-year reunion was organized as many reunions are - to reminisce, to see who had made a success of their lives, and in truth, to gossip on who had not.  But this party in the secluded, 1890's mansion once owned by a long dead, paranoid WWII Veteran, was to become anything but typical.  

After a horrible accident within the mansion, the alumni realize they are locked in and fighting for their lives.  Instantly, tempers rise and fingers are pointed as the number of living alumni begins to rapidly decrease.  Theories range from there being a murderer in the midst to the mansion possibly being haunted by the previous owner's ghost. 

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  1. Thanks for posting! I appreciate it! Check out my website for more info, including the book trailer for The Reunion.
    Review by J.M. LeDuc, author of “Cornerstone,” published by Suspense Publishing, an imprint of Suspense Magazine

    A high school reunion of misfits soon turns into a weekend in a hell-house.
    Soon after the guests arrive, strange happenings begin to occur leading to the death of two of the ‘friends.’ The survivors find themselves locked in a rented mansion which has its own secrets. With each devilish event, a new suspect emerges. With each new death, the remaining guests’ distrust of one another grows exponentially. Friends become enemies and enemies become co-conspirators.
    With each turn of the page, you will find yourself clenching your fists, curling your toes, and screaming at the characters, “Don’t go in that room,” and “stay together!”
    A macabre stew of distrust, lies, and deceit, will soon lead to further fear and death. By the end of “The Reunion,” you will not know what is real and what is a hellish nightmare. The final twist will give you a mental and emotional whiplash and leave you wanting A.A. Pencil’s next installment of “Beneath the Trap Door.”

    Thanks! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!