Sunday, 1 December 2013

Book Review: The History Maker by Eamonn Hickson

The History Maker
by Eamonn Hickson
4 Stars

Memories are our greatest link to the past, they are what we create in the present, and they can guide us in the future. Memories can define us. Adam Fletcher has none. A crippling car accident has pressed reset on Adam’s life, leaving the young man broken and lost. Britney, the woman who claims to be his best friend, tries to bring him back to society, while hiding the truth about her involvement in the crash and protecting the driver, Shaun McCoy. Starting from scratch, Adam tries to make new memories. But, what use are memories if they are constructed from lies?


After a car accident Adam Fletcher is left without the use of his legs and without his memory. His parents are just well-meaning strangers to him and he doesn't remember his best friend Britney.

His strange neighbour is spying on him and at various points he gets some feelings of Deja Vu and wonders if he and Britney had ever been more than friends. The police are suspicious that he's really lost his memory and seem keen to pin the accident on him.

When his memory does start to return, Adam uncovers a web of secrets and betrayals and he's left not sure who to trust at all.

The book is quite fast paced and keeps you turning the pages to find out what happens next. Adam is a very sympathetic character and you really feel for him when he goes to his physiotherapy and struggles so much.

Britney and Adam's developing relationship is believable and you do feel a bit sorry for her, she's a good person pushed into a very bad corner from some of her choices.

From reading the book, I guessed there was a twist coming near the end but I did not realise what the twist was, which is unusual for me as I read so many mysteries and thrillers.

It's an enjoyable read peopled with realistic characters and you feel for their plight. There were just a few niggles for me, with some odd word choices or sentence structures but nothing that detracts too much from what this book is - a very intriguing tale.

Review copy supplied by author.

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