Wednesday 22 June 2016

Fun Book Publicity by Annette Gisby

Just for Fun
Ten Ways to Get Publicity for Your Book

So you've written your masterpiece, had it published and now you're waiting for all those sales to roll in. But they haven't? No-one's buying? The bookstores don't want to know? There are millions of books, how can you get people to notice yours?

Just for some fun, here are ten things you can think on to make sure that the bookstores will come to you, just begging you to let them stock your book. :-)

1. Change your name to Stephen King/Nora Roberts/John Grisham/James Patterson by deed poll.

2. Have an affair with the president/prime minister/king/queen/prince of your country. (delete as appropriate)

3. Buy a million copies yourself to get in the Best Seller Lists.

4. Fail at Pop Idol

5. Get evicted from the Big Brother House.

6. Streak at a popular sporting event.

7. Do a naked skydive with only a copy of your book to hide your modesty. :-)

8. Become a supermodel/actor/sports person.

9. Buy thousands of your books and have them delivered to the pavement outside the New York's Times office.

10. Become a recluse, don't give interviews and watch them coming to you.

These are just for fun, not an instruction manual. :-)

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