Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Destroyed by Deception by Stacy McWilliams

Destroyed by Deception by Stacy McWilliams
About Destroyed by Deception

For Ella Kircson running from her past wasn't a choice, it was a necessity. She started College with a new name, a new identity and a new lease of life, at least that's what she was hoping for. But when the mean girls from college take one look at her and decide to make her life a misery there's nothing she can do, past and present collide and throwing in a boy just confuses her. She's never had an easy life and tragedy and circumstance rob her of not only her innocence, but love and acceptance.
Abe sees her in the corridor and she looks so sweet and innocent, but when she looks into his eyes, he can see the pain behind them. He doesn't want to fall for her, but he can't help himself. Things get complicated and Ella isn't sure she wants to be with Abe because she keeps getting hurt.
Her past comes out with a bang and she looses not only friends and family, but the target on her back makes her life a misery.

If everyone believes the lies, could Abe see the truth? Or was he just another in a long list of disappointments in Ella's life?

About Stacy McWilliams 
Stacy is a mum of two boys, a wife and a writer.

She loves reading all different genre's of books and enjoys a diverse range of movies.

She writes paranormal romance plus her latest book Destroyed by Deception is a college romance.

She loves meeting new people. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away, either on Facebook or on twitter.
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