Monday 4 June 2012

Author Interview: Annie Seaton

Today we have romance author, Annie Seaton in the hot seat. All pictures supplied by author.

Annie Seaton lives on the beautiful east coast of Australia, where she loves sitting in her writing chair, gazing at the ocean and writing stories. She has always been fascinated by all things historical and has found her niche writing contemporary romance and steampunk, where strong heroines and brooding heroes fight together to make their alternative world a better place.

Her debut novel, Holiday Affair, a contemporary romance set in the South Pacific was released as part of Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence line in March. The sequel Italian Affair is currently underway Watch out for the story of Tom and Brianna the sex therapist who spices up his life!

Winter of the Passion Flower was released through Lyrical Press at the same time. Currently immersed in the creation of Book Two, a full length novel, the adventures of Sofia and her Scottish laird, Annie is already looking forward to the rest of the series, particularly the adventures of Indigo’s four boys: Jago and Jory, Ruan and Kit. Strong sassy heroines and rebellious heroes have a rollicking good time as they work to make the world a better place-- albeit their own steampunk world.

Blind Lust, a paranormal novella will be released by Musa Publishing on 15th June.

Annie lives with her husband, and ‘Bob’ the dog and two white cats, in a house next to the beach in a small coastal town of New South Wales. Their two children are grown and married and she loves spending time gardening, walking on the beach and spoiling her two grandchildren.

Do you plan everything or just let the story flow?

I sit down and write.. with no plan or thoughts beforehand!

Do your characters ever want to take over the story?

They tell me where to go every scene. They can be very naughty!

What is your favourite food?


Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Both...I exist on minimal sleep

Where do you dream of travelling to and why?

Italy... the romance, the music... and it is the setting of my next book!

Do distant places feature in your books?

Always. The sequel to Winter of the Passion Flower is set in Vienna and Scotland.

Do you listen to music while writing?

No...I listen to the ocean waves through my open window. Beter than any music!

Could you tell us a bit about your latest release?

Winter of the Passion Flower is a steampunk novella with romantic elements

What have you learned about writing and publishing since you first started?

Social networking is the key to success. The competition is so fierce you must establish an author brand,

Is there anything you would do differently?

Write when I was a lot younger!

Who, or what, if anything has influenced your writing?

My favourite historical authors taught me the importance of goof characterisation and setting

Anything you would say to those just starting out in the craft?

Write EVERY day.

What are three words that describe you?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorganised

What's your favourite book or who is your favourite writer?

Katherine by Anya Seton

Blurb of your latest release or coming soon book.

Blind Lust by Annie Seaton

When Venus has a wager with Cupid, that prudish librarian, Lizzy Sweet cannot be enticed to love, she neglects to tell her son that Lizzy is a three hundred year old witch. The first man Lizzy sees after Cupid shoots his arrow is Josh Deegan, a famous country and western singer who has come to town to rediscover his muse, in an old farmhouse haunted by a culinary ghost. Local warlock, Wesley Gordon, who has been hitting on Lizzy to no avail for over one hundred years, is not impressed. The quirky old folk of Silver Valley watch fondly as the battle between love and lust plays out. Leaden and golden arrows zing around, spells are magicked, potions stirred, and ghosts hunted. Who will fall in love and who will let the other go forever?

List of previous books:

Holiday Affair-Entangled Publishing
Winter of the Passion Flower-Lyrical Press

Any websites/places readers can find you on the web.
Twitter @annieseaton26

Thanks so much, Annie! Good luck with your books.

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