Monday, 14 January 2013

Book Review: Love and War by Jack Greene

Love and War
by Jack Greene
Phaze Publishing
M/M Erotica/Mulitple Pairings/Ancient Gods
Short Story
4 Stars


Zachary's lover, Alex, is an actor playing Ares, the god of war, in a new movie.

But when Ares himself decides to interfere, Zachary's life gets complicated--and hot.

Ares feels wronged, and it's up to Zachary to make things right--in any way he can.


Ares, God of War, has long been the subject of ridicule from the other gods regarding the humans and their dramas of him and when he discovers yet another film out to make a mockery of him, he is determined that this time the humans will feel his wrath.

The film Alex is playing in is plagued by problems, from expensive equipment exploding to the cast and crew coming down with food poisoning. Zachary is very enamoured of Alex in his costume of ancient armour and tight-fitting outfits, but then he starts dreaming of someone who looks remarkably like Alex, but Zachary knows he isn't.

Alex and Zachary are very much in love, but sometimes Zachary wishes Alex was a bit rougher with him in the bedroom and that's what the strange, dream man gives him.

This is an erotica story, not a romance, but some readers might be upset that in this story, Zachary sort of cheats on Alex with Ares. I say sort of because those sections are quite dreamlike and very fantasy orientated. Ares is a god after all and knows exactly how to bend humans to his will.

So, if we take the romance out of the equation, does it work as erotica? Most definitely! Ares falls instantly in lust with Zachary and nothing is going to stand in his way. Zachary is hard pressed to deny the god what he wants: Zachary, and the scenes between them sizzle with raw passion that Zachary has no defence against.

It would have been nice to have seen a bit more interaction between Alex and Zachary, we have a bit but more would have been good. For such a short story, you do get quite a good feel for the characters. It's a fun, light hearted read, a bit of escapist fantasy that both leaves you satisfied at what you've read and at the same time wishing for more in this universe. Very enjoyable.

Reviewed by Annette Gisby

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