Saturday 19 January 2013

Book Spotlight: Night of the Necromancer

Night of the Necromancer
Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
A Choose Your Own Adventure Zombie Novel
by Kyle West and Jelani Sims


You were a student just trying to survive college. Now, as zombies break down your front door, you must ask if you will survive the night.

You will need weapons. A vehicle. A group. A plan.

You must make all the right decisions to avoid a zombie's sharp teeth shredding you to bloody bits.

Will you rescue your overbearing ex-girlfriend, who broke up with you hours before the zombies arrived?

Will you trust the survivors you meet along the way?

Will you retreat to the country's little-used roads and creepy forests? Or fight your way through the city's streets, buildings, and subways?

Can you end the Necromancer's zombie reign of terror, or watch helplessly as the world disintegrates into his vision of madness and death?

If you are quick on your feet, you just might live to see another day. One wrong decision, you will end up as zombie food, or worse...a member of the undead.

Excerpt. Scroll down depending on your choices

You speed through the night, weaving and dodging zombies and stalled cars, clenching your jaw in worry over what will happen to Regina.
At last, you arrive at Regina’s apartment complex. You still have trouble comprehending that Crimson Creek is being attacked by zombies; real, walking, rotting, undead zombies.

You drive to the middle of the parking lot and shut the car off, pausing for a moment to take a breath.

There are wrecked cars and small fires everywhere. The fires cast a menacing orange glow on the apartment building, giving it a nightmarish appearance. A thick fog rolls in, making it impossible to see beyond the complex.

You jump out of the car and stare around the parking lot. You need a weapon – you do not know what could be lurking in Regina’s apartment.

You hear the moans and groans of zombies in the distance. A second wave of zombies will arrive soon to ravage the apartment complex again.

You notice a dumpster. It is an unlikely place, but perhaps you can find a weapon inside.

The smell of everything from old banana peels to rotting chicken meets you when you open the dumpster. You cover your nose and jump in, digging around for something hard and sharp.

Just then, you hear an ear-shattering scream. It sounds like Regina! Who knows what is happening to her up there. You have to get to her before it is too late.

But, you may not be able to defeat whatever is up there without a weapon.

On the other hand, she could die while you twist around back and forth in the dumpster trying to find something one.

What will you do?

Run upstairs to the apartment: Scroll down to “Stairmaster”.

Continue searching the dumpster: Scroll down to “Dumpster Diving”.

Dumpster Diving:

Your temples pound in your head as your heart kicks into overdrive. You have to find a weapon, quick.

You flail through the slimy, stinky trash for a few more seconds. Your hand touches a rough, metal object. You pull it out of the heap.

It is a rusted crowbar. It should be affective against the nuisance upstairs.

Leaping from the dumpster, you take the stairs two and three at a time.

You reach Regina’s door. There is rustling and crashing inside, followed by a scream. You pull at the door, but it is locked. You flip over the rug that rests in front of the door. The spare key, usually there, is missing.

You will have to pry the door open.

You wedge the crowbar between the door and its frame. You heave with all your might. The door gives a little, then all the way. A wooden shelf blocking the entrance crashes to the floor.

Regina screams from the living room, but she is hidden in the darkness.

“Regina! I’m coming!”

You hop over the shelves and into the apartment.

She is huddling in a corner, attempting to fight off a menacing zombie. Its skin is grey and peeling. The tattered remains of a black suit cover its body. The ghoul is also covered in brown and red dirt, as if it had just crawled from the grave. Glass from the nearby window litters the floor. The zombie must have jumped through it.

“Help!” Regina screams again.

The zombie arches its neck.

You pick up a book and throw it at the monster’s head. It turns around with a snarl and lunges at you.

You lift your crowbar and prepare to swing.

How will you attack?


You abandon your search for a weapon. Regina is in trouble and there is no time to waste.

You leap from the dumpster and race upstairs, taking them two and three at a time. When you reach Regina’s door, you hear rustling and crashes on the other side. You jostle the doorknob.

It is locked.

You check under the mat for the spare key, but it is missing.

You kick the door. It does not budge. You recoil and drop to your knees as pain shoots through your leg.

There is a moan behind you. Before you have time to react, a zombie grabs you with superhuman strength.

You flail and try to fight the monster, but it is too strong for you. You wish you had stayed in the dumpster long enough to find a weapon.

The last thing you hear before the zombie rips your throat out is Regina’s blood-curdling scream.

You have died.

Night of the Necromancer is available from amazon us and amazon uk

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