Saturday 4 May 2013

Book Spotlight: The Amber Room by S James Mitchell

The Amber Room
by S James Mitchell
Pegasus Publishers
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Lewis Schofield’s most explosive and action-packed thriller to date sees him quitting his University post and fetching up depressed in Berlin.

Upon turning down an enigmatic young woman’s request to locate the fabled Amber Room looted by the Nazis in 1941, the girl is subsequently murdered in front of Lewis. He procures her moleskin notebook and comes across a curious red symbol, determined to decipher its meaning. However, it leads him not to her murderers, but to ruthless treasure hunters and a number of bizarre post-War vaults concealed in rural locations. Only by infiltrating a neo-Nazi rally can the famous Historian hope to discover the mystery behind the subterranean rooms - long-forgotten by some, jealously guarded by others. But to expose the nationally damaging secret, he must overcome a series of sickening and relentless confrontations. Finally reconciled with the man he has become, Lewis finds himself with a price on his head. With just a handful of hours remaining, he heads for an unmistakeable landmark and the only person that can save him...

A UK citizen, S. James Mitchell lives abroad and works as a senior manager in bilingual schools.

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