Thursday, 20 June 2013

Book Spotlight: Time One - How the Universe Began by Colin Gillespie

Time One - How the Universe Began
by Colin Gillespie
Big Fizz Inc. Publishers
Available from Amazon

Reading Time One is a unique experience - I'm sure you've heard this before. However, when was the last time you read a serious physics work written as detective fiction? What happened before the Big Bang? The detective actually solves this mystery, discovers exactly how the universe began and along the way finds answers to some forty-five problems facing physics and philosophy today.

Time One is complex - a book like no other. Gillespie, physicist turned lawyer turned author, has written a densely packed work - full of literary and philosophic references - that illuminate scientific mysteries and reach startling conclusions. It examines why physics is where it is and how it lost touch with philosophy. It brings a renewed appreciation to Einstein and it challenges Hawking. It demarcates the line between science and religion.

More than a book, its aim is to stimulate a conversation that will change our understanding of how the universe is constructed. Knowing this could yield a whole new paradigm as inconceivable as cell phones and the Cloud were not so long ago. After all, physics is the basis of the economy. There are a number of resources to accompany you on the journey, the main one being, where you can look for clues, research the book's extraordinary cast, or learn more about a specific subject.

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