Thursday, 17 July 2014

Book Spotlight: The Lorelein Giant by Malcolm Moss

The Lorelein Giant
Astatin #1
by Malcolm Moss


The astatin trees of Lorelei provide the single source of fuel for the galaxy. Prince Casi, the lone son of the great king, works alongside his people to harvest the rare gas and organize treaties to remain a neutral party to ongoing wars for neighboring planets.

When the rebel army arrives in Lorelei with intent to claim their only resource, the two kings agree to an unconventional arrangement: no man or woman will be harmed as long as Casi weds the rebel princess, Aphae.

Bound by an arranged marriage and extensive cultural differences, the unlikely couple are faced with a consummation neither truly wants. Futures look grim until Casi's physical assets earn the attention of his icy bride.

Content Warning: The Lorelein Giant contains sexually graphic scenes between a man and woman.

Cover Art by Joshua Allen Mercier. Editing by Short Side of Tall.

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