Sunday 26 July 2015

Book Spotlight: Domino Effect by JL Williams

Domino Effect: She came, she swore, she conquered
by JL Williams
Erotic Romance/Romantic Comedy
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Melody Ash has a problem. She’s lost her job as a web designer. She’s been kicked out of her home. She hates her family. She’s always done what’s expected of her – and now her life is spiralling out of control.

So when the chance to be owned for a week by charismatic casino millionaire John Domino comes around, she jumps on him.

But when the week is up and the scars have healed, Melody faces a challenge: turn the tables on John or lose him forever.

Domino Effect is a mesmerising, stomach-churning exploration of the roles we play at work and home. It blends eye-opening exploration of BDSM& femdom subculture with high comedy and romance.




“Black twenty-five.”

Black twenty-five! Black twenty-five! Melody glanced at her stack of neatly stacked, slippery casino chips. Over £100 - all the money she’d brought with her - sitting patiently on the green baize. An electric, animal thrill travelled down her spine. She licked her lips and waited. “Black twenty-five,” repeated the croupier, pushing a fresh pile of chips toward her. She checked them over, flashed a smile, then couldn’t resist clapping her hands.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” said Tracy, walking over from the other side of the table.

“Meh.” said Melody. “I was ready to go.”

“Better make sure you don’t lose it all now, playing like that,” said Tracy, forcing a smile. “You’re going to be getting the drinks in later.” Tracy narrowed her eyes. Trust this to happen to me. This is supposed to be my night. You’re not even playing properly. Supposed to be my night, and you’re sat there flicking your hair like a prostitute, not wearing the dress I picked out for you, and pretending to be a Bond girl or something. Only complete idiots bet all their money on one number. But of course somehow you managed to win. Well done, sis. I can’t believe I actually paid for you to come here.

Melody ran her nails along the stack of chips. Clack-clack-clack-clack. Three-and-a-half thousand pounds. In faded casino plastic it didn’t seem like much, but Melody remembered holding about that much in cash once, when a friend was buying a used car. It certainly seemed like a lot of money then, dirtily bulging out of the envelope.

“I’m bored of roulette,” said Tracy, eyeing Melody’s stack of money. She didn’t step down from the table. Just stared at Melody, challenging her to find another activity.

“Come on then,” said Melody, after a pause. “Do you want to try another table, or go somewhere else?” She smiled faintly, adding: “I wouldn’t mind getting something to eat.”

“I don’t want to leave yet. Roulette’s just boring. It’s random.”

Tracy’s best friend Sarah joined them: a shuffling, squat toad with a monobrow who was shy in public and a vitriolic bitch in private. “How about poker?” she prompted.

Melody ached to go back to the hotel. Her drunken glow was beginning to fade and it was a cold October night outside. “Sure!” she said. “How do you play?”

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