Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Blog Tour/Guest Post: Blood Gold Revenge by Dave Wright

Guest Post
by Dave Wright

Things You Didn't Expect When You Started Writing Your Book

*How many times I would have to reread my work.

*I did not realise I could not use brand names in the story without prior permission.

*How many hours are involved from start to book launch.

*The amount of mistakes you miss no matter how many times you go over it.

*That when you write the end in the book you are nowhere near finished.

*The satisfaction you get when a stranger comments they enjoyed reading your book.

*That in hindsight I should have paid more attention in English classes at school.

*The frustration.

*The apprehension you feel when your work is read for the very first time.

*That most traditional publishers can retain your book and movie rights.

*How much interest can be generated by word of mouth.


About the Book
Title: Blood Gold Revenge
Author: Dave Wright
Genre: Thriller

“A lot of things have happened up this way over the years. There’s got to be at least six missing person’s that I have heard of.”

There is gold in the vastness of the Australian outback, and a special breed of men who prospect for it. Tim is bush-hardened and skilled; the love for this harsh country comes naturally. His prospecting partner John shares Tim’s love of the freedom, but times have changed. A new breed of prospector has reason to appreciate the desolate isolation of the bush — but it is not gold he is after. The country’s biggest meth lab is doing well, and its owner, Mr C. does not appreciate passers-by.

The cattle on the Hatchet River Station homestead have not been mustered for the past ten years. The brutish Maxine, her husband Scrubber, and her brother Price have agreed to run interference for Mr C.; after all, they have always enjoyed killing the odd lone prospector when they had the chance.

But they make a mistake, and the solitary prospector they pick off one day was not alone as they thought. There are witnesses to the crime this time, and they want justice for their friend. Tired of the Hatchet River trio’s murdering ways, intimidation and threats, and suspecting local police corruption, Tim, Jack and Sam call in the state authorities.

A massive search begins; the hunters become the hunted, the innocent pay for the crimes of the guilty and the good guys don’t always win. But the net does tighten. The well-camouflaged drug lab explode in flames and the blood of many, good and bad, soak into the parched land in a spectacular finale. It is not the authorities who bring justice to Hatchet River, however, but a band of indomitable bushies, who have never learned to say die.


Author Bio 

The author resides in sunny North Queensland, mostly raised in the outback with schooling done via correspondence. Finishing off grade 10 at age 15 in Redcliffe before starting work in the remote gold mines of Northern Australia 34 years ago. To this day the author has barely picked up a novel or put pen to paper before starting on this book. In real life when time permits he still rides the hills prospecting for gold with his mates and is currently part way through writing the sequel.


Bookpal: http://bookpal.com.au/portfolio-items/blood-gold-revenge/

Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Gold-Revenge-Dave-Wright/dp/1742845703

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/blood-gold-revenge-dave-wright/1123131662?ean=9781742845708

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/extreader/read/599945/2/blood-gold-revenge


  1. I love the responses to things you didn't expect. Ripper book Dave, I'm hanging out for the sequel, time to quit work and become a tortured artist I think!!

  2. Thank you Claire for your thoughts on the novel. The sequel, that Im sitting writting as we speak, let's just say I have amped up the tempo. Keenly awaiting what the two professional reviewers on the blogs tour think of my work. Thanks once again for your comment, cheers Dave Wright

  3. For a north Queensland local, this book is gold! You do the country and characters justice.