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Author Interview: Secrets: In Wolf Lake by DK Davis

Secrets: In Wolf Lake
Secret Series
Book 1
DK Davis

Genre: YA, sci-fi, fantasy

Publisher: Books We Love Ltd.

Date of Publication: 1/1/2017

Number of pages: 120
Word Count: 41,200

Cover Artist: Michelle Lee

Secret: In Wolf Lake – Tagline

Samantha discovers a gifted creature living in Wolf Lake; now his life depends on her saving him.

Book Description:

Samantha’s dealing with a lot of emotional blow-back from her mother’s new marriage. Then she discovers a gifted creature living in Wolf Lake, and life suddenly becomes all about keeping his existence a secret, earning his trust. That is until his life depends on her saving him. But she won’t be able to do it alone…

Secret Series – Tagline

A series of secrets, invisible yet glaring, and most include a Supernatural spin, like an unwelcomed sensation sparking every nerve ending.

About the Author:

DK Davis writes YA sci-fi, supernatural, and fantasy with a good dollop of all the relationships woven in between. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, spending time with grandchildren or her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

Books We Love Ltd. Author Page –


Do you plan everything or just let the story flow?
DK – I used to let everything flow and it took forever when the flow stopped up. I’ve come up with a series of things I do to keep me focused and moving forward on a fiction project. I start with character sketches, a pretty full history for the main story-stars, and include secondary stars at a lesser degree. I plot the story out with index cards (and I use Syd Fields script writing layout). Once I start writing the story, I make notations on where I need more research (so it doesn’t hold me up from getting words on the page) and I also write a timeline / outline at the same time I’m writing the story. All of these little tools keep me flowing along.

Do your characters ever want to take over the story? 
DK – Yes, often. Even though I’ve plotted out the story with index cards, the story rarely follows along with “my” plan. LOL I’m open-minded enough to allow the characters full rein when it comes to what direction they insist on moving.

What is your favourite food?
DK – fruit and veggies. I know that sounds lame, but I’ve done away with sugar and flour, so my favorite veggie is a sweet potato and my favorite fruit is a banana. When I crave a crunch, sea salted cashews please: )

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
DK – Morning – up anywhere between 5:00 – 6:30 a.m. I like to start writing first thing if possible.

Where do you dream of travelling to and why?
DK – I love Michigan, where I live, and I always enjoy travelling around the state. I do have a scheduled trip with my daughter and granddaughter – France. It won’t happen for a couple years, but I’m looking forward to spending time with my girls discovering new sites together.

Do distant places feature in your books?
DK – No, Secret: In Wolf Lake takes place in Michigan and all of the stories in this series will be at some location in Michigan.

Do you listen to music while writing?
DK – Usually I don’t listen to music, but once in a while it works…only music without words.

Could you tell us a bit about your latest release?
DK – 15 year old Samantha stays at her aunt and uncle’s Wolf Lake Resort while her mother and new step-father travel to Europe on their honeymoon. Sam hasn’t come to terms with her father’s death (2 years previous to the story) let alone her mother’s current marriage. The creature she discovers living in Wolf Lake accompanies her on a journey of trust and self-discovery, all while Sam saves the day – so to speak.

What have you learned about writing and publishing since you first started?
DK – Oh my gosh, where to begin… I’ve listed the tools I now use to condense my novel writing time in the response of the first question. I’ve also learned social media, like FB, Twitter, a website, etc. is a must for connecting to readers and other authors. I’ve honed my skill on queries, synopsis, and cover letters. I’ve also learned there are a number of author groups out there that give support and guidance. And beta readers are also a must. Thankfully I have a writing accountability partner also: )

Is there anything you would do differently?
DK – I’m one of those people that have to learn everything my own way, and I might add here most of the time that’s a slow process. I believe that everything I’ve done up until right now is exactly what I needed to do. I would most likely do it all the same.

Who, or what, if anything has influenced your writing?
DK – Maybe Nancy Drew Mysteries (these were in our school library), or Lost in Space TV series (from way too many years ago…when I was very young). I loved reading fables and fairy tales, science fiction, myths and folk tales. I started writing my own stories in the 5th grade, even though those never went anywhere but in the wastebasket. English and literature were my favorite classes in school, so perhaps my high school English teacher, Mr. O’Neill, set my direction – he scared me by calling on me. At the time I thought it was to embarrass me (because it always did, my face blazed over) – which in the end, made me study that much harder to be prepared for his questions.

Anything you would say to those just starting out in the craft?
DK – I’ve seen this answered by a number of authors – “keep writing.” And honestly, that’s what works best. The more you write the more you are honing your skill – your style – your voice – your process – your stories. Don’t give up, just write.

What are three words that describe you?
DK – family, nature, imagination

What's your favourite book or who is your favourite writer?
DK – I have a number of favorite authors: Sharon Willett, Nancy M. Bell, J.L.Bryan, Maggie Stiefvater, Jodi Picoult, Karen Robards, Tess Gaerritsen, Harlan Coben to name a few: )

Blurb of your latest release or coming soon book
DK – Secret: In Wolf Lake - Samantha’s dealing with a lot of emotional blow-back from her mother’s new marriage. Then she discovers a gifted creature living in Wolf Lake, and life suddenly becomes all about keeping his existence a secret, earning his trust. That is until his life depends on her saving him. But she won’t be able to do it alone…

Any websites/places readers can find you on the web.

Books We Love Ltd. Author Page –

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