Friday 1 March 2013

Book Review: A Knight's Tale by Jade Falconer

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A Knight's Tale
by Jade Falconer
M/M Historical Romance/Erotic Romance
Phaze Books
4 Stars


When young Lord Thomas' father is killed, the King sends a band of knights, led by handsome Sir Henry, to protect the lands over Lord Thomas' objections. Though their love is forbidden, over time, they cannot deny how they yearn for each other.


Sir Henry and his band of knights are sent to protect Lord Thomas and his lands after the death of Lord Thomas' father. The lands are valuable and Thomas suspects that the king is more interested in those than his own safety. After all, if Thomas gets killed by the bandits roaming the land, the lands automatically revert back to the crown.

The sparks fly as soon as Thomas and Henry meet, with both of them trying to outdo the other with their insults, such as Thomas offering them lodgings in the stables first of all and Henry offering to read the king's letter to the young landowner as though he wasn't able to read himself.

It's a short tale and I was able to read it all at once, well truth to tell I didn't want to stop once I started as I was keen to see what happened with our two heroes. Sir Henry is very manly, every inch a man's man and Lord Thomas is in lust almost from the first moment they meet, but he tries to hide it, knowing instinctively that it isn't really something that is spoken about. Thomas is betrothed to a girl he's never met but he's worried that he won't be able to consummate the marriage as he has never felt aroused by the thought of women at all. Unlike when he thinks about the handsome, rugged knight assigned to protect him and his castle.

Sir Henry suspects that Thomas likes men, but knowing that he's a lord, makes him very wary of making any advances towards the young lord, but it doesn't stop him from spying on him while he bathes and other such instances. They both yearn a bit from afar until they finally do get together and I have to say the love scenes are so hot it's a wonder my Kindle isn't scorched. Henry is very dominant and very possessive, which Thomas loves and submits very willingly to the masterful knight, much to their mutual pleasure.

I'd say it's a happy for now ending, as Thomas still needs to find a bride, but you can imagine that they will have quite a few happy years together before that happens. Although short, the book does feel like a complete tale. My only niggle, and it is a niggle, is that we don't get so much sense of the historical era, just at some time when there were knights. But that could mean anything from early tenth to late fifteenth centuries.

But as a romantic, erotic story between Thomas and Henry, it works well. I loved both of them and wanted them to be happy, even it is just for now and not happily ever after.

Reviewed by Annette Gisby

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