Tuesday 25 June 2013

Author Interview: Lanvin Kgoale

Do you plan everything or just let the story flow?

I mostly plan the start and the ending, and how many chapters I feel will be needed for the story. And then everything in between I figure out as I go along.

Do your characters ever want to take over the story?

I'd say no to this one, but in my current project I feel like they do.

What is your favourite food?

Varies from Chicken mayo sandwich to sour milk.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Lately I'd say a night owl, have bein burn a lot of midnight oil...

Where do you dream of travelling to and why?

A lot of places, but right now I'd say Tunisia in North Africa, because that is were the story of my next project is set.

Do distant places feature in your books?

Nope not yet, unless if you count fictional places?

Do you listen to music while writing?

Sometimes I do, mostly Blues.

Could you tell us a bit about your latest release?

It's a Novel set in a fictional country called Andoia, concentrating on the life of a shunned journalist (Thomas Braying), who is sent undercover by his boss to become a member of a ruthless Cartel ruled by a man named Roberto Sachez.

What have you learned about writing and publishing since you first started?

Well it's a lot of work I'll tell you that, but I believe in the long run it did turn to improve some aspects of my life.

Is there anything you would do differently?

Uh... Nope!

Who, or what, if anything has influenced your writing?

From a young age my grandma, she always forced me to read a book, not matter what it was.

Anything you would say to those just starting out in the craft?

If you really believe it, no one should tell you different.

What are three words that describe you?

Energetic, Goofy, and Unpredictable.

What's your favourite book or who is your favourite writer?

The Tick Tock Man, Terence Strong; and my favorite writer I'd say is Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Blurb of your latest release or coming soon book

by Lanvin Kgoale
Thomas Braying, a once promising journalist from the Neiburg daily, a newspaper from a city that is situated in a country called Andoia; has had his fair share of the endeavours of life. He is now at the edge of his doom; the Doom that has culminated not only from his divorce but also from his drinking habits; which seems that the only one thing that is helping him cope is also destroying him. His boss is trying to dismiss him, unless if he takes the only chance he has, and that is to go undercover and investigate one of the city's most notorious gangs, the Sanchez drug cartel. Join our hero as he tries to balance the good and evil that’s within him, as he tries not only to control the gang but also keep the city safe and protect his family and friends against rival gangs, and corrupt officials without exposing himself. To make matters worse someone in the Andoian undergrounds knows his deep dark secretes, will he ever find out who it is, only time will tell.

List of previous books if any

1. Stupid History, Leland Gregory.

2. The Man In The Rockefeller Suit.

3. Am still reading (The Adventure's of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain; and Makers of History Hannibal, Jacob Abbott.)

Any websites/places readers can find you on the web.

On Google+ (Lanvin Kgoale),
twitter.com/ltgangland (@ltgangland)
facebook (Lanvin T. Kgoale)
website: www.ltgangland.co.nf

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