Saturday, 22 June 2013

Book Spotlight: Travelphan by Ryan Astaphan


by Ryan Astaphan
Available from: amazon


Everything that has happened in your life has lead you to where you are now. The events of Ryan Astaphan's life lead him halfway across the globe. Made miserable by his job and debilitating injuries, Ryan set out to Asia in order to find happiness. Ryan embarked on a spiritual and physical journey through India, Thailand, and China. He would practice yoga, kickbox, change lives, and live in a remote kung fu academy.

Travelphan is a psychological, intimate, and inspirational story told in a modern voice. Utilizing short chapters, Travelphan is an easy read for the text message and status-update generation. Travelphan is a book like none other.


The fact that you are alive means that against all odds, the universe has conspired to work in your favor. Every close call with death has been avoided, not only for you, but for your parents and their grandparents and their ancestors for as long as we have been. Millions, billions of families’ flames of life have been put out over time, yet your fire burns strong. Realize that in this present moment that you are alive. You have been granted the gift of life. This gift is yours. Your life is yours. The present is yours.

Ask yourself this now: why am I alive?

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