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Book Spotlight: London Undergound; The Trip by Mark Williams

London Underground
Volume 1: The Trip
by Mark Williams
Erotic Fiction/Short Story
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Author Jonathan Haze lived in a friendly New York city for 14 years. He does not want to go to the London Book Fair but a little voice inside told him there was an exciting world out there, and he had to go out and find it! In its simplest form, London Underground, is an erotica romance, sex/testosterone gone haywire, an established author attempting to greater his career―to disappear into a sex dungeon after being carefully selected by strippers.


The harlot's cry from street to street
Shall weave old England's winding-sheet.
--Blake, Auguries of Innocence

There were three of them. They'd been to the Underground for years, and not much about them or the reason they were there, had changed. They were all high-price Strippers. The previous week they had entertained a party and had been paid £1,000 cash in twenty pound bills(which made the money look bigger). They all worked under the same manager Madame O who had helped them to regularly visit rock stars, top athletes and upscale businessmen. Once they had performed a threesome together, but for the most part entertained individually.

There was Kayla, a soft haired blonde with large breasts and healthy thighs. Then Monica, a dark haired beauty with frizzled bangs and suspicious eyes. Someone, it would seem, was always out to get her. And then there was Irena, a beauty with dark, somewhat short hair which had been cropped and highlighted with gold dye. She was only thirty-six years old, looked younger and had smart hazel eyes. Her body was thin but well proportioned, almost lewd. She was unofficially the leader of this group, usually the one who picked out their clothes, set their mood and was the most outspoken. By now, she had a feel for the rest of the girls. Monica would do S&M. Kayla would do oral. Irena thrived at simple missionary sex, providing that her companion had made it past her preliminary striptease.

For whatever reason, Madame O had chosen the alluring Irena for herself. She'd arranged it that way. The first time it had been a crispy, one-hundred pound bill. Then expensive nipple rings to add. And the fur. She had come to know Kayla as well. As it turned out, they had a lot in common-musically, on literature, shared similar views of life, had the same tastes. As different as they were on the outside, on the inside they were soul-mates.

And now, while settled in their room at the London Underground, the three girls were undressing and readying themselves for a quiet night.

Tuesday would be their big day. Then, they would meet people at a private party, become sex slaves and then Wednesday, be allowed to leave after 24-hours.

“Well Irena,” said Kayla, “I guess you'll have the cross-dresser again. I wonder who I'll have?”

Irena smiled. As she sniffed the Victoria Secrets perfume inside the room, she smelled money.


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