Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Book Spotlight: Coprophelia by Colin Smith

by Colin Smith
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'Coprophelia' is a sideways autobiographical fantasy written, and lived out by The Cardinal - aka Colin Smith – the front man of the legendary, 1980s punk-band The Blood.

Amongst many other, bizarre vignettes the narrator - receives a, Dickensian visitation from the spirit of Michael Cocaine - compels a homophobic Nazi-teen, Oswald Muesli, to play a street cameo in a version of, Al Jolson's Mammy – seeks to execute a trio of BBC, celebrity child molesters on the Top of the Pops stage, and thereafter becomes a serial killing, vigilante Coyote.


Location the BBC’s TV Studios London.

I was now lethally primed, like the powder that was about to communicate fire to a charge, everything was ready to go, and like always before a kill my leviathan appetite, and titanic lusting, overcame any of my feelings, or ethical pangs, or indeed any hazy suggestions of uncertainty. All ambivalences that might have, stealthily crept up on my conscience from the left field were obliterated, destroyed and vanquished. Let the show begin!!!

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