Thursday 5 October 2017

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Fierce Tides by LM Preston

Fierce Tides
Purgatory Reign Series
Book 3
LM Preston

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, YA, Romance

Publisher: Phenomenal One Press

Date of Publication:  10/2/2017

Number of pages: 381

Word Count:  79567

Cover Artist: We’ve Got You Covered

Tagline:  Something evil this way comes, unfortunately, Peter Saints awaits.

Book Description:

Peter Saints thought it was over. The evil that hunted him, tried to control him, even to consume him wouldn’t die easily. It was released. The man, the manipulator wanted blood.

This time, Peter would be the hunter and destroy the evil machine that threatened take mankind to a dark age. He only hoped that his love for Angel could sustain them through the torture they’d have to endure. It was all for her, for them.

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Excerpt 2:
Peter rushed in front of them, licked the palm of his hand, and fiddled with the lock on the thick wood door.
“Let me,” Angel stepped up next to him and slid a hairpin out of her thick hair. Her delicate fingers maneuvered the pin into the lock until it clicked.
Peter smiled at her, “Thanks,” and pushed at the wooden door. It was heavy, and he used his shoulder to press hard at it. As it slid away, grass and dirt were caught up in the bottom base of the door. The warm night air seeped into the tunnel and Peter took a deep breath.
“Run!” Argia insisted. “Don’t stop.”
The pounding of multiple feet was a soft echo on the walls behind them. Each second the sound grew closer. Peter grabbed Angel by the hand nearly dragged her behind him as he ran.
Peter pounded the thick grass covered ground and pushed his feet hard to the thick corps of trees ahead of them. Within those trees he felt a darkness. The brand on his hand started to burn, knowing that something waited for them there.
“Peter! They are pounding at the barriers!” Argia called. “The demons, are trying to cut thru.”
“I’ll take them, over men, any day. Let’s get ready to play!” Peter yelled, as they broke through the wall of foliage and closely packed trees.
They were thrown into total darkness.

About the Author:

LM. Preston was born and raised in Washington, DC. An avid reader, she loved to create poetry and short-stories as a young girl. With a thirst for knowledge she attended college at Bowie State University, and worked in the IT field as a Techie and Educator for over sixteen years. She started writing science fiction under the encouragement of her husband who was a Sci-Fi buff and her four kids. Her first published novel, Explorer X - Alpha was the beginning of her obsessive desire to write and create stories of young people who overcome unbelievable odds. She loves to write while on the porch watching her kids play or when she is traveling, which is another passion that encouraged her writing.

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