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Book Spotlight: Thunder and Lightning by Amber Mosby

Thunder and Lightning
by Amber Mosby
Historical Romance


Running for her life after being attacked in an alley by two men, daughter of a former slave and a Native American chief Camille finds herself caught fast in the arms of former confederate soldier Jake Garrett. After protecting her from her pursuing attackers, Jake agrees to travel with Camille as her bodyguard on an upcoming trip. He couldn’t know that soon he would owe his own life to her.

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Thunder and Lightning Excerpt
© by Amber Mosby 2012

“I want us to be friends.” She said to him. Even from across the fire she could see his raised eyebrow.

“Friends?” He repeated. She nodded her head.

“Is it too much of a problem for you to be friends with someone like me?” She asked.
“Someone like you?”

“Yes. Is it too much for you to be friends with a colored girl like me?” She was baiting him. She wanted Jake to be as frustrated right now as she was, but Jake was better at the game of hiding emotions.

“When I was younger,” he began, “we had many slaves and not one of them dared try and befriend us.”

Camille caught the knife and gripped it in her hand. If he said another word she would kill him.

“I have never lived the life of a slave so I wouldn’t know.” She said through clenched teeth. Jake saw her fist grow tighter around the handle of her knife and laughed to himself.

“Well aren’t you lucky.” He drawled. Her eyes narrowed to angry slits and the air rushed out of her lungs

“I would come over there and kill you if it wouldn’t hurt my back so much.”

Jake was not impressed. He could have been carved from a block of ice he was so cold and his eyes were dead.

“Don’t ever threaten me again.” He said softly. “And don’t mention your skin color again. I have given you no reason to believe that I am like other people, so don’t compare me to them.”

She jumped up so quickly, that she didn’t even feel the pain in her back. Nobody talked to her like that. She was the daughter of a chief and he should give her the respect she deserved. But he was a white man, and they thought differently from everyone else. He didn’t even bother to stand up as she faced him, her anger as hot as the fire between them. Turning her head, she spit on the ground. It was something she had seen her father do many times. Without saying another word, she walked away.
Who is this woman? Jake asked himself.

She dressed like a man, she rode like a man, hell she even spit like a man and he wanted to touch her so bad his hands were shaking. For a moment he thought she might really try and kill him. She’d faced him, feet spread apart, knife in hand, and he thought he had never seen a more glorious sight. He wanted to go after her, take off her clothes and make love to her right out in the open. He wanted her hair unraveled, flowing over him like a black curtain and he wanted it now. Jake had never had so little control over his emotions. He took off his gun belt and tried getting comfortable. All he could think about was her. He threw his hands up in defeat and went to find her.

She was leaning against a rock, her face turned up to the sky, and she was crying. The sparkle of the tears on her cheeks stopped him in his tracks. Jake moved away as quietly as he could, feeling guilty for seeing her in such moment. She would be really pissed if she knew he had seen her cry, so he said nothing when she came back to camp and lay down. She faced away from him, exhaustion etched in every line of her body. Camille reached up and took off her hat. Her braid unwrapped and fell down her back.

“Why do you hide your hair under your hat?” Jake asked. She sighed. After all that had passed between them, she had been hoping that he would just let her sleep.

“Men stare at me when I don’t cover my hair.” She answered simply.

“You don’t want men to stare at you?” He asked. She faced him now.

“Do I look like a fool to you Jake Garrett?”


“Then please don’t talk to me like I am one.” And with that said she turned over and went to sleep.

END of excerpt

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