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Guest Post & Giveaway: Charmed in Paradise by Sara McBride

Guest Post
by Sara McBride

When I decided to write my first paranormal erotic romance novel I decided to write about what I knew. I fully realize that statement sounds absurd. What could I possibly know about paranormal erotic romance? I’m an ex-fitness professional from Southern California who grew up in Michigan, so magic really isn’t a part of my world, but I’m definitely a believer in the paranormal. A few years ago my husband and I were in Barbados and I was teaching yoga at a high-end resort. I was teaching yoga class first thing in the morning and again at sunset every evening but the rest of the week was ours to savor.

On the first day of our stay I noticed a small shack just down the road from our hotel that had a sign out front that read “Handmade Jewelry and Psychic Readings.” Being a big believer in the occult and magic I stopped in. The woman who ran the shop was incredibly sweet and did the most spot-on reading I’ve ever had. She claimed to be a witch and sold me a “love potion” that I believe brought us our daughter. Over the course of our week on this incredible island, we ran into a multitude of people who saw themselves as witches, including one of our waitresses and several women on the beach who did palm readings and offered magical implements. After talking to these people, what I discovered was that the Island had a long history of magic.

When I decided to write this book I couldn’t think of a more magical place to set my story. First of all the island is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean, boasting white sand powder beaches and brilliant turquoise water along with some of the friendliest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

For me this place embodied what I wanted for my characters and their story: Paradise with an undercurrent of magic. The following images are of places that I put in my story that are actually on the island of Barbados.


About the Books:

Title: Charmed in Paradise Trilogy
Author: Sara McBride
Genre: Paranormal Romance

She's curvy, sexy, and magically irresistible.

For the first time in her life, Tara is questioning her curves. Her fiancĂ© left her for some skinny bitch, and her self-esteem has been torn apart. Only a trip to the tropical paradise island of Barbados can repair her damaged life…

After a freak accident, Tara inherits a strange ability: she's now virtually irresistible to men! When mega-sexy, mega-millionaire football star Troy Schell shows interest, Tara thinks her luck is finally changing. An evil billionaire wizard has other plans. He'll do whatever it takes to get her power, and it's up to Tara and her friends to prevent the apocalypse.

The Charmed in Paradise Trilogy contains the first three books in the Charmed in Paradise paranormal romance adventure saga. If you like steamy romance, sizzling sex, supernatural adventure, evil billionaires, and hot, curvy BBWs, then you'll love every tantalizing page of Sara McBride's electrifying box set.

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About the Author:

When a life-changing injury forced her to give up a successful career as a personal trainer, Sara McBride did what any girl with the gift for gab and a typing speed that is freakishly fast would do—become a paranormal BBW erotic romance writer. Long frustrated with the fitness industry’s lack of acceptance that many people naturally have a body mass index above the “normal” range, she has always championed acceptance and wellness for all—not just those crazy people who love to exercise. Viva la BBW! A lifelong reader of fantasy and paranormal fiction, Sara lives with her very patient husband and two small children who now begin every sentence with “As soon as you’re finished writing that chapter, could we….” Her license plate holder reads “My other car is a broom.” This is her first work of fiction.

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