Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Free Book Spotlight: Bloodsuckers: The Vampires of Wall Street by Lewis Blackhawk

Bloodsuckers: The Vampires of Wall Street 
by Lewis Blackhawk


Default Crisis.  Bank Bailouts.  Flash Crash.  Are the extreme events that rock the financial markets purely a coincidence?  Are sinister forces behind the upheaval?  The novel Bloodsuckers explains these seemingly mysterious market occurrences.  Donovan Ryan tells the story as he ascends from a bartender in Brooklyn to a world-class trader on Wall Street, only to discover that vampires with a special power called 'nous' run the top trading firms.

Their massive trades roil the markets in a quest to earn the most profit in a single year and the coveted title 'Master of the Universe'.  Will Donovan be seduced by the promise of wealth and power?  Or does he stand with his Uncle Shaun to fight against Wall Street's most perilous and deadly bloodsuckers?

Free at Amazon from Dec 1 to Dec 5

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